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Boards Of Canada - Boc Maxima (Full Album) HQ Edition

Boards Of Canada - Boc Maxima (Full Album)

00:00 - Wildlife Analysis
01:08 - Chinook
06:06 - Rodox Video
06:46 - Everything You Do Is A Balloon
13:44 - Boc Maxima (Bocuma)
15:19 - Roygbiv
17:43 - Nova Scotia Robots
19:04 - June 9th
24:18 - Niagara
25:13 - Skimming Stones
27:17 - Sixtyniner
32:27 - Red Moss
38:48 - Concourse
40:31 - Carcan
42:18 - Nlogax
47:29 - M9
51:12 - Original Nlogax
52:21 - Turquoise Hexagon Sun
57:29 - Whitewater
1:03:48 - One Very Important Tought

I did not make this music and i am not affiliated with the brothers Sandison. All the work goes to Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin from Boards Of Canada.

Warp Records© Skam© Matador©

Note: I do NOT monetize the songs of Boards Of Canada, Warp Records do. If you are seeing ads, the money goes to Warp, so don't think i'm a bitch who makes money by putting BOC's songs on Youtube.

Another note: This is an HQ version, Sixtyniner, Everything You Do Is A Balloon, Roygbiv, June 9th, Wildlife Analysis and Turquoise Hexagon Sun are slightly different from the original Boc Maxima EP. They sound alot better than the original Boc Maxima but if you want the shitty ass original version PM me and i'll upload it.
smokintowel music and madness : Reminds of REQUIEM FOR A more drugs...get in the red dress goddammit!
Edit: just the first minutes - then it drifts off to some nothingness. Boring as hell.
W W : Listen to this in the dark on acid and you'll watch these songs form spirals
Pleb James : When did this video get loaded up with ads?
Jasmine Fox : if you don’t have a boards of Canada mixtape from the early 90s, your music knowledge is inferior
Jasmine Fox : Boo maxima > aphex twin early work
Todd Speck : This album is part of my soul now. So glad I found B.O.C.
Rudy Fuentes : Roygbiv waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Todd Speck : Been in the Boards of Canada zone for about a week now. Listening to all their albums. Totally hooked now.
BRAAPP : 1:04:57
Jon Sudano : This is their best mixtape because it has Roygbiv, Sixtyniner AND Turquoise Hexagon Sun.

다시 한번 시작된 B.O.C 4:4 팀배틀! 녹티스 vs 라스 : 빠이트 오브 캐릭터즈 시즌2 제1회

아빠킹의 생방송 주소 :

좋아요와 구독 댓글은 힘이됩니다!
윤준영 : 라스는 진짜 라기원 안돌려줄 생각이면 3rk을 카운터시 콤보 및 후딜 감소 상향시켜주고 스톰힐만 좀 상향 시켜주라 그럼 할거 많아진다
Dai Moroboshi : The only conclusion is
크림슨 : 라스 하단 막히면 다 뜨는거 실화인가 1왼손은 데미지 가 참 ㅋㅋㅋ
크림슨 : 빵시계 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
un Y : 28:08
화이트베트 : 와...너무잘한다
Technical Gamer : I always Keenly desire to hear his Nicee
랜덤TV : 평소에보던 아빠킹 어디갔는지... 중계 하는것도 좋은데 겜 할땐 겜에 집중하는 모습 보고 싶었는데....
D돈키공 : 진짜 빠오캐 뒤지게 기다렷다 ㅠㅠ 감사합니다
Alex .P : 30만 녹티스의 희망 체베망!!

Boards of Canada - Boc Maxima (Full Original Rip, HQ)

The other full upload of this tape has some of the tracks that also appear on MHTRTC replaced with the "higher quality" versions. What's the point. Anyway, here's the rip with all the songs intact.

2020 edit: To anyone complaining about ads - I'm not putting them up on there myself. There are content ID matches on this due to many of the tracks also appearing on MHTRTC. If you're bitching at me expecting me to be able to do something about said ads, then you're mistaken. Also, with it being 2020, it's weird that you don't have adblock, lol.

00:00 - Wildlife Analysis
01:08 - Chinook
06:06 - Rodox Video
06:46 - Everything You Do Is A Balloon
13:40 - Boc Maxima (Bocuma)
15:16 - Roygbiv
17:40 - Nova Scotia Robots
19:00 - June 9th
24:16 - Niagara
25:09 - Skimming Stones
27:14 - Sixtyniner
32:22 - Red Moss
38:44 - Concourse
40:27 - Carcan
42:15 - Nlogax
47:26 - M9
51:07 - Original Nlogax
52:16 - Turquoise Hexagon Sun
57:28 - Whitewater
1:03:42 - One Very Important Tought
prospectnyc : For anyone looking, this right here is the best version of Maxima on YouTube. So stop clicking around, stay here, and listen.
Yaroslav Pukin : BOC is a gate to nostalgia
tamir lahav : BoC music is the best therapy I participated in. I firmly believe that if everyone would listen to this, the world will become a better place.
AwesomeGRidgewell01 : Imagine yourself flying though the solar system, listening to Boards of Canada.
MemeHub : Was looking foe blue oyster cult but I like this two
Θεοδωρος Πατρικιος : Nlogax/M9/Bocuma R killers
Θεοδωρος Πατρικιος : BOC from boards of Scotland among the best in the planet
Lulkas Miranda :
Stealing Fire : Great upload. My only beef with BOC on this is their "update" on "One Very Important Thought". I love that original version's voice a lot better... there is something a bit more sinister and urgent about it it seems. Anyway, thanks for the upload!
Ariel : One of the best bootlegs i've ever listen




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